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Definition of quality

The definition of quality varies by perspective. Producers define quality differently than users. Some attribute value to its definition, others do not. The following are different definitions of what quality means:

Product-based definitions of quality treat quality as a precise and measurable variable. This view of quality depends heavily on the number of components used or the differences in the physical characteristics or properties of these products.
The user-based definition of quality is simply something that meets the needs, wants and needs of the customer. For them, the product must meet their requirements and specifications in order to be of good quality.
The manufacturer-based definition of quality means to meet the specifications. For the manufacturer, meeting requirements is the only meaning and significance of quality, while failing to meet requirements means poor quality.
A value-based definition of quality depends more on cost, i.e., the cost of production or the service to be provided.

Quality Scope

The quality range can be divided into eight parts, which are:
Performance: This is based on the primary operating characteristics of the product.
Functionality: The functionality of the product is those secondary attributes that support the basic functionality of the product.
Reliability: This applies to the likelihood that the product will fail or fail in a given time period.
Conformity: This applies to the extent to which the architectural and functional characteristics of the product conform to previously defined requirements.
Durability: This indicates the lifetime of the process or the duration of the commodity.
Repairability: The ability of the commodity to mitigate repair implies this attribute.
Aesthetics: This implies the look, feel, taste or smell of the commodity. The appearance of the merchandise is all part of this attribute.
Perceived Quality: This relates to the visibility and market reputation content of the product as perceived by the consumer.

Our Values: Each pair celebrates diversity


We want to create a supportive, open-minded environment that increases your participation.
Every dialogue matters, as they promote an atmosphere of trust and respect. We welcome the conversation on your various views from social media and intentionally seek out new perspectives as our inspiration.
With earnest efforts and insistence, we are ready to listen and communicate with each of you.


Our goal is more about the significant bond between individual appearance and self-identification.
Playing with color and design, each type of product celebrates diversity, motivating us to embrace our uniqueness. At Fashion-Inspired, hundreds of styles are provided for you to find the perfect pair which speaks to your personality and taste. You define the look.


To wonder and to discover are the greatest ways to think outside of the box. For constant improvement, we've always believed that curiosity is what keeps us motivated the whole time.
Fashion and beauty are about exploring new things and having fun. Let’s embrace the curiosity and make great use of it.

Our Team Service Goals

Our team

We have professional and senior experts to conduct comprehensive management. Leading the progress of Fashion-Inspired products with modern, standardized and humanized management mode, and ensuring the excellence and health of the company's operating system. We follow strict hygiene regulations in line with the latest WHO guidelines: disinfect all equipment and materials and pay close attention to the health of all our team members. We encourage employees to work at home to ensure safety and maintain the same efficiency, so that our customers can get the same level of service on time.

Our Service

Fashion-Inspired has gathered a group of highly educated, capable and high-quality talents. We will serve you wholeheartedly. We ensure the pre-sale, while-sale and after-sales service and build a perfect after-sales service system, so as to reflect the care, professionalism and meticulous! What you get here is not only the satisfactory goods, but also our thoughtful and considerate service.

Our goals

Our goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices to help everyone's clothes, accessories are very fashionable and your new fashion is just a mouse click away. The happiest thing is the moment your purchased treasure arrives at your doorstep! Our happiest thing is when you feel most satisfied wearing the clothes you purchased on our website!