01. Why are there eyeglass lenses with a price of 0 in the prescription eyeglasses? Is the quality of this eyeglass lens credible?
A: Our glasses lenses refractive index 1.56 refractive index lens of this eyeglass lenses we give you at a price of $0. All the products of our store are quality assurance, just our store thank you for your patronage of our store, as a way to put the prescription eyeglasses are 1.56 refractive index lens of eyeglass lenses price Set to $0 back to everyone.

02.  I want to buy a nearsighted glasses with color, how should I choose which color is suitable for me?
A: There is no need to rush, first you need to understand what scenario you are using, in our store article “Choice of eye lens color” or on youtube  explains how to choose a color eyeglass lens that suits you.

03. When choosing eyeglass lenses, what do the numbers inside represent?
A: When choosing eyeglass lenses, the number inside represents the refractive index of the eyeglass lenses, when your eyes are more serious myopia, it is recommended that you choose the larger refractive index of the eyeglass lenses, there is a description of the SPH value under the eyeglass lenses, when the SPH is 0 – 2 choose 1.56 refractive index of the eyeglass lenses, when the SPH between 0 and -5 choose 1.61 When SPH between 0 and -5 choose 1.61 refractive index spectacle lenses, when SPH between 0 and -8 choose 1.67 refractive index spectacle lenses, when SPH between 0 and -12 choose 1.74 refractive index spectacle lenses. The higher the refractive index of the lenses, the thinner the lenses will be, so the more myopic your eyes are, the higher the refractive index you need to choose, otherwise the lenses will be heavier and uncomfortable for you to wear. At the same time, you also choose whether you need anti-blue light glasses lenses according to your own actual situation, our advice is to configure anti-blue light glasses, so that you can more effectively protect your already injured eyes.

04. When choosing prescription glasses, you need to fill in the relevant data, how should I fill in this data?
A: This data is the data related to your optometry, for example, what is the SPH value, what is the CYL value, for more information, please see the video Can you understand the prescription , if you still have questions after watching this video, please email If you still have questions after watching this video, please email us and we will contact you as soon as possible to deal with the problems you have encountered.

05. How long will I receive the order I placed?
A. You do not have to worry, when you place an order to complete the beginning, we have exclusive personnel to track your order until you receive the goods. Our specific time process is as follows.
Sunglasses: Order verification, product shipment 2-3 working days
Prescription sunglasses: order verification, product production out of stock 3-6 working days
Prescription eyeglasses: order verification, product production out of stock 3-5 working days
Because our origin is China, all products are shipped from China, generally in the production, after the completion of the warehouse, we then verify the completion of the product, and then for delivery, in the delivery of the general needs of 20 days you can receive your purchased products, different places because of the road, will let you wait a little longer. Please rest assured that when we ship, we will track the issued goods every day, and will give you daily email updates on the status of the goods every day. So you can buy goods from our store with confidence.

06. How should I maintain the glasses I bought?
A: The maintenance of glasses is also a very important process, when you are not using your glasses, please put them in the glasses case (we will send you free glasses case for glasses purchased in our store), do not use rough objects to clean the glasses lenses. When cleaning your glasses, don’t use chemically melting or corrosive liquids (such as alcohol, etc.) to clean them, just use clothes washing detergent on them, then wash them with water and wipe them with our free glasses cloth. Don’t throw your glasses away or leave them in the sun.

07. Why sometimes there is no reply when I use the online communication tool, what should I do?
A: Because our customer service staff are very busy, or sometimes because of the time difference, the time in your place in the day, in China is the night, but please bear with us, when the online communication system does not have information to reply you, you can send us a message by email: service@glassoyo.com, we guarantee that the first time to reply to your email.

08.  The difference of coupons and how to use them?
A: There are different coupons according to different categories with different offers, new users email us directly (service@glassoyo.com) we will give you a 15% coupon directly, if you are not a new user, we will give you relevant discounts after you buy products at a time to reach a certain value, in order to give back to the user, if the amount of goods purchased at one time does not reach the amount of the coupon. In order to give back to users, if the amount of a purchase does not reach the amount of the coupon, you can use the last three purchases to make up the full amount to reach the scope of the activity, after our staff confirmation, we will give you the coupon for use.

Note: The same order can not be used twice or more than two times to put together

09. Can I change my order?
A: If you are sure you need to change your order, please communicate with our staff through the online communication system or Email, if the product you purchased has not yet started production, it is possible to change, if the product you purchased has been produced or out of storage, at this time can not be replaced.

10. Who do I talk to if I have any questions or concerns about my purchase?
A: Please contact customer service at service@glassoyo.com

11. If the price of my purchase drops, can I request a price adjustment?
A: To be eligible for a post-price adjustment, you must request an adjustment when the lower price is in effect if the product you purchased has declined within 30 days. Price adjustments cannot be done over the phone. Please prepare your order information and send an email to service@glassoyo.com

Thank you for your support and we are here to serve you wholeheartedly. Hope you have a nice shopping experience!