The Fashion-Inspired  store shopping process:

1. After we receive the order, we will check the relevant information and confirm that it is correct before handing it over to our company’s warehouse staff;
2. After the warehouse staff confirms that there is no problem with the products, they will be handed over to the quality management personnel to check the quality of the products and the related quantity and model, and then handed over to the logistics department for express delivery after confirming that there is no problem.
3. Each step of our operation is to ensure that you receive your purchase of baby r quality intact.
How long will it take to receive the purchased baby?
Under normal circumstances, you can receive your purchased baby in the following time table:

Destination Country Reference transit time (working days)
United States 10-15
Canada 18-28
United Kingdom 8-11
Germany 8-13
Netherlands 8-13
France 8-13
Italy 8-13
Spain 13-18
Belgium 8-13
Luxembourg 8-13
Switzerland 8-11
Denmark 10-15
Ireland 10-15
Portugal 10-15
Greece 11-13
Sweden 11-13
Norway 8-11
Finland 8-13
Poland 8-13
Austria 8-13
Czech Republic 8-13
Slovakia 8-13
Hungary 8-13
Croatia 8-13
Slovenia 8-13
Bulgaria 8-13
Romania 8-13
Israel 8-13
Australia 8-13
New Zealand 8-13

If your location is not listed in the form above, please email us or just contact our customer service team to ask.

All of us at Fashion-Inspired look forward to your visit.