Washing Tips:

Do not worry about how to wash your clothes and pants, first we have to learn to identify what material your clothes and pants are made of, and then to confirm how to wash our clothes and pants, generally we can see the production of raw materials on the nameplate of the clothes, here we will not teach you how to see this material, we mainly talk about how to wash our clothes and pants today:

Polyester clothes and pants are recommended to be washed by hand with professional laundry soap or by using a detergent, not a washing machine, and it should be noted that dark and light colored clothes need to be washed separately and not exposed to the sun.

Cotton clothes and pants we recommend using professional laundry soap, or use the washing machine manual cleaning, choose to wash clothes when the water is recommended to use warm water, do not use the washing machine for washing, but also need to pay attention to the dark and light-colored clothes need to be washed separately, not in the sun for exposure.

Cashmere garments are also made with a special washing aid. Put it into warm water and mix it well, then rub it gently by hand for about 10 minutes, rinse it with water, dehydrate it, and bake it with baking oil so that the whole is softer.

Suitable for work, washing with warm water configuration washing solution, gently wash, washing time should not be too long, after washing never wring hands wring hands squeeze out moisture.

When washing, the decorative parts of the garment should be separated and then washed. When washing now, never rub vigorously and do not use machines for washing.

Please use mild soap when washing, do not use thick laundry detergent, bleach and other washing, these will cause great damage to the fabric of the garment, such as color loss, can not be used properly.

Knitwear in the washing is recommended to use professional laundry soap, detergent to wash by hand, use warm water to wash, in the washing time to pay attention to dark and light-colored clothes wash separately, should not be exposed to the sun.

Wool collar in the washing is recommended to use silk wool detergent or shampoo for washing in, in the washing process needs to be gently soft, rinse with water, after drying with a soft brush gently to a thank for combing.